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Apr 19, 2013 11:00am PDT
crunching through databases. >> weir just getting word from a federal law enforcement source tamerlan tsarnaev flew out of kennedy airport. a pretty significant amount of time. >> russia is a very big place and includes chechnya, and includes dagestan. so he might well, it looked like earlier like he might have had some training along the way. he might have had training in a camp in one of those places during that period of time. >> chechnya is inside the has otten avel between russia proper and chechnya because with so military activity i thought there would be somrestriction. >> there are probably some restrictions, but if he had family roots he might have been able to do so especially if he was somehow sponsored by a chechen rebel group or something he could have been slipped through the lines. >> i want to bring in emily cyrus, a resident of cambridge and the worldwide possibilities and we have to remember the people sitting in their homes and with perhaps the possibility he's in the house next door, and i know you're in cambridge that you live near the 7-eleven where there was th
Apr 24, 2013 11:00am PDT
lending more of suspect number one in the boston marathon bombings. police say that tamerlan tsarnaev was plotting an attack in massachusetts he and his wife were getting state welfare benefits. katie marzullo has more on this. other things are be revealed. >> new information, we have just learned investigators are saying that the explosions were triggered by remote-controlled detonator so that is new information on the investigation. it is the younger brother who is alive and communicating with investigators but most of the new information is about his brother, tamerlan tsarnaev's life in the united states and his travels abroad. >> his body is dill in the custody of the medical examiner waiting to be claimed by a family member. question are learning more of his life. a spokesman for the state office of health and human services is confirming reports that the 26-year-old his wife and their child were receiving welfare benefits from the state up until last year. that is when they became ineligible based on income. tamerlan was a stay at home dad and his wife worked 70 to eigh
Apr 22, 2013 11:00am PDT
by the president. back to you. >> before you go, can you talk about tamerlan's very last conversation with his mother? >> i don't actually have that information on me right now but i can tell you a little bit more of what we are learning with the charges unsealed. i am trying to read through the details and it lays out almost minute by minute the details before the bombing, when they had the run in with police on thursday night that led to tamerlan's death. we learning he will not, the suspect will not be tried as an enemy come -- enemy combatant. >> couple of oakland a's players visited the young east bay boy injured in the boston bombings, the 11-year-old aaron hern has had a number of surgeries because of shrapnel. the a's are in boston for a series with the red sox. kira klapper has more. >> the visit comes after first lady michelle obama visited aaron hern on thursday and this morning, the players met with the 11-year-old and his family at boston's children hospital. the martinez boy was injured by shrapnel as his mother crossed the boston marathon finish line a week ago today. a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3